Restoration Results — Top Levels

December 02, 2016

Restoration Results — Top Levels

This images on this entry show the result of many months of restoration work on the eighth floor, the Observation Deck, and the Pyramid level. These parts of the Memorial have been restored to their original grandeur.

Work done here includes:

  • The removal of all degraded mortar.
  • Then all stone joints have been repointed (fixed with new mortar).
  • Disjointed stones were moved back into position.
  • Lead weather cap strips were installed where needed.
  • New color-selectable LED lighting was installed at the four corners of the Pyramid.
  • Water penetration issues were resolved.
  • The stone surface was acid-washed to restore the original, brighter color of the masonry.

Before . . .


All of this progress is made possible by your generous support. Today, the top of the Memorial is as impressive as when it was first installed. The damage that comes with time has been reversed. And now, most importantly, our work continues on the rest of the building. Working together, we will complete our goal to fully restore the George Washington Masonic National Memorial!

To learn how you can participate in our building restoration and improvement project, visit our page about the Landmark Century Campaign.