The Masonic Digital Archives

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association is currently digitizing its duplicate United States Masonic Proceedings Collections from Grand Lodges, Grand Royal Arch Chapters, Grand Cryptic Councils, and Grand Knights Templar Commanderies.

As of May 2021, Memorial staff has digitized all proceedings collections, alphabetically from Alabama to Texas. We expect to finish the project through Wyoming before 2022.

Any organization or individual may renew a collection. To renew a collection, please visit the Digital Archives Annual Renewal Page.

Note: We recommend that you read our instructions on How to Use the Masonic Digital Archives in order to use the resources more effectively. They contain detailed procedures for searching the items contained in the database.


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Within LUNA, users may search one or more collections. A user may search just within a state’s grand lodge’s proceedings or within a state’s four York Rite bodies’ proceedings. The user may search across Royal Arch Grand Chapters’ proceedings in two or more states, or any other combination according to his or her interests. Click here on how to use LUNA

Join the Masonic Digital Archive Project

The Memorial Association will digitize U.S. Masonic governing body’s complete annual proceedings collections for $1000. Offered as a service to the Craft, this flat rate is non-adjustable regardless of the number of books or pages digitized. A $200 annual subscription fee will maintain and update the online collection. The GWMNMA will digitize duplicate proceedings in storage and post them into LUNA. The Memorial will be upload missing proceedings if supplied and we request two copies of the proceeding to be sent to the Memorial if possible. Once the collection is complete, copies of all annual proceedings PDF files will be given to the Grand Secretary / Recorder of the governing Masonic body.

To learn more of the contractual details contact George D. Seghers, Executive Director.





If you are a grand officer of a Masonic Grand Lodge or Grand York Rite Body of a state alphabetically found between the states listed above, we can tell you what proceedings years have been digitized and which are needed. If you confirm commitment to the project, the available digitized proceedings of your grand body will appear in LUNA within five working days.



If you are grand officer of a Masonic Grand Lodge or Grand York Rite Body of a state alphabetically found between the states listed above, we have not yet organized your proceedings and are unable to give you a detailed inventory. However, with confirmed commitment to the project, we will pull your state’s proceedings and provide an inventory. Once a complete proceedings set is in hand and the $1000 is received, digitizing and posting on-line into LUNA will take approximately 30 working days or less.

If you have any questions about participating or about LUNA, contact Mark Tabbert, Director of Museum and Library Collections.