At the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, our Vision is:

To inspire humanity through education
to emulate and promote the virtues, character, and vision
of George Washington, the Man, the Mason,
and Father of our Country.

That educational mission is central to our work. Please use the resources below to learn about more George Washington and the Masonic Fraternity.

  • George Washington, the Mason. Learn about Washington’s Masonic activities.
  • Built on Freedom video. Our 12-minute video provides an inspiring reflection on the life and legacy of President Washington, and tells the fascinating story of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.
  • Grand Lodge of the Month. Each month, we feature one of our Member Grand Lodges.
  • The Louis A. Watres Library. The sixth floor of the Memorial houses a research library open by appointment only.
  • The Masonic Digital Archives. The world’s most extensive collection of Masonic proceedings and other documents.
  • Member Grand Lodges. Links to the Masonic Grand Lodges of the United States, as well as Grand Lodges in Canada and the United Kingdom; other Masonic organizations; research groups; and some George Washington resources.