Association Officers

Ridgely H. Gilmour, President
Robert P. Conley, First Vice President
J. F. “Jeff” Webb, Second Vice President
Claire V. Tusch, Third Vice President
George D. Seghers,* Executive Director

Board of Directors

Term Expires February 22, 2017
Jarrod R. Adkisson, Arkansas
Tracy L. Bloom, Kansas
Charles H. “Chuck” Gilson, South Dakota
Ridgely H. Gilmour,* Utah
Dale I. Goehrig, Florida
Simon R. LaPlace, Connecticut
Kenneth G. Nagel,* California

Term Expires February 22, 2018
Orville R. Armstrong, Tennessee
Philip G. Buchholz, Wyoming
John M. Chambliss, Jr., Virginia
Richard J. Elman, Indiana
Mansour Hatefi, District of Columbia
Douglas W. McDonald, Sr., Georgia
Thomas K. Sturgeon, Pennsylvania
J. F. “Jeff” Webb,* Louisiana

Term Expires February 22, 2019
Marty P. Alexander, Hawaii
Michael P. Bible,* A-W Lodge № 22
Douglas L. Caudle, North Carolina
Robert P. Conley,* Michigan
Claire V. Tusch,* Maine
Jimmie L. Windham, Mississippi

* Member of Executive Committee