Cornerstone Centennial Items

Our Cornerstone Centennial event was a great success thanks to the record number of Freemasons and others who joined in support. Through the exclusive items listed here, you can show your support for the Memorial’s important mission.

Limited-Edition Cornerstone Centennial Ashlar (Left, minimum gift $500)

The Cornerstone Centennial Ashlaris a 2¼-inch cube of New Hampshire pink granite,cut from the original stone of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, set into an 8½-inch wide cherry-wood base with a commemorative brass plate. Because of the scarcity of this stone, only 200 of these Ashlars can be produced. You can obtain yours today for a gift of $500 or more.

Limited-Edition Canvas Print (Right, minimum gift $1,000)

To mark the Memorial’s cornerstone centennial, a limited edition of only 100 canvas prints of Kurt Anderson’s painting is now available. Each numbered print is 20 × 30 inches and suitable for framing.

Limited-Edition Commemorative Cornerstone Medallion (Left, minimum gift $250. Only 400 of these special medallions were created, and a limited number remain in stock. You can obtain yours today for a gift of $250 or more.

Limited-Edition Cornerstone Trowel (Right, minimum gift $750)

Celebrate the Memorial’s Cornerstone Centennial and receive a special trowel designed as a replica of the very trowel used by George Washington to lay the cornerstone of the United States Capitol in 1793! Washington entrusted it to his Masonic brother, Dr. Elisha Dick. Today the trowel, a precious symbol of the exercise of brotherly love, is on display to visitors in the Memorial’s Replica Lodge Room. Just as it was used in 1923 to lay the Memorial’scornerstone originally, it was used in the 2023 centennialrededication ceremony. Now, a beautiful replica of this trowel can be yours. Thiscan make an excellent addition to anyone’s Masoniccollection. There are only 100 of these special souvenirs in existence, so act quickly to reserve yours.