Mural Restoration Update

March 09, 2017

Mural Restoration Update

During the week of March 1, 2017, workers began erecting the scaffolding that will be used to perform the careful removal of Bro. Allyn Cox’s mural of the 1793 Masonic ceremony of dedicating the cornerstone of the United States Capitol.

Here, technicians prepare a roller made of Sonotube, which will be used to roll up the massive canvas. 47 feet wide, the mural was done in three sections approximately 15 feet each.

Now, the completed roller is shown rolling up the first section (the rightmost third) of the mural on March 9, 2017. As each section is lifted from the underlying plaster, it is carefully shielded with a special mixture to prevent damage to the surface.


Work on this project will continue throughout the year. To learn how you can participate in our building restoration and improvement project, visit our page about the Landmark Century Campaign. Or get started right away by making a monthly pledge today.