New LED Lighting for the Pyramid is Activated

November 10, 2014

New LED Lighting for the Pyramid is Activated

Apart from the masonry being done on the Pyramid level, another project was the installation of new lighting on the four lower corners.

These new LED fixtures have many benefits over the High Pressure Sodium lights used previously:

  • The lamps are longer lasting.
  • They produce brighter illumination.
  • Electricity consumption is reduced.
  • The color of the LEDs is controllable, allowing for customized themes.

Since the color of the LED lights can be controlled electronically, at various times they may be altered to indicate special days. For example, on a recent Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, the lights were lit in blue. And, at holiday times, festive colors light the Pyramid (see below).

As our restoration progresses, we plan to refit the entire exterior with similar LED lamps. This will enable long-term savings on electricity as well as allow the Memorial to be lit in any color. To learn how you can participate in our ongoing building restoration and improvement project, visit our page about the Landmark Century Campaign.