Central Panel of Mural is Removed

March 22, 2017

Central Panel of Mural is Removed

On Wednesday, March 22, the central panel of the cornerstone mural was removed and prepped for offsite restoration.


Removal of Mural's Central Panel, March 22, 2017 from GWMNMA on Vimeo.

This video shows how a technician is applying a special wax-based adhesive to the canvas, which is designed to help the paint stay adhered to the underlying fabric. The thin sheets of paper on certain portions of the canvas are muslin, and help reinforce areas at which the canvas has experienced stress and damage.

This close-up photograph shows the interesting way in which Bro. Cox hid the seams of the painting. The murals are painted in three sections. The seams between them follow, where possible, the natural lines of the image. When properly mounted, they completely disappear.

Work on this project will continue throughout the year. To learn how you can participate in our building restoration and improvement project, visit our page about the Landmark Century Campaign. Or get started right away by making a monthly pledge today. Your generous gift will be deeply appreciated.