Download the Built on Freedom video to your Device

May 23, 2019

Memorial Ambassadors will be pleased to know that they can download the video, Built on Freedom, to their PC or mobile device. The download version is in high definition and has more visual detail than the DVD copy. Downloading it makes it easy to show the film even if there is no WiFi connection available. (Be sure to download the file and test it before traveling to any venue without Internet access.)

To download the video:

  • Go to our video download page on Vimeo.
  • Click the Download button below the video. Select 720P resolution for the best picture. The file will save to your computer.
  • Move the file to wherever you prefer to store it. Test the video.

  • If you have any questions about how to download or display the video, email or call Shawn at or 703-400-4950.