July 2023 Events Recap

August 01, 2023

July 2023 Events Recap

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial has been buzzing with exciting events. To highlight a few, the Alexandria Harmonizers welcomed the visiting choral group from Germany, Heavy Medal. Together, they captivated the crowded Memorial Hall with a mesmerizing blend of modern hits and classical melodies. Meanwhile, at the Capital Bank Military Symposium, an exceptional panel of three distinguished women from the US Military shared their inspiring stories with the attendees. Additionally, we have recently integrated the innovative Barco Clickshare interface, adding a new resource for all of our rental clients.

Alexandria Harmonizers Concert with Heavy Medal

The Alexandria Harmonizers, renowned for their captivating performances, opened their arms to the visiting German choral group, Heavy Medal. Both groups came together to put on a spectacular show at the Memorial Theater. The concert was a delightful fusion of contemporary hits and timeless classical sounds, which resonated profoundly with the audience. The enthralling performance resulted in a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on all those in attendance.

Capital Bank Military Symposium - Celebrating Women in the US Military

The Memorial Theater once again became the epicenter of inspiration as the Capital Bank Military Symposium unfolded. This year's symposium featured a remarkable panel comprising three accomplished women from the U.S. Military. The esteemed panelists included:

  • Admiral Linda Fagan - Pioneering Leadership in the US Coast Guard Admiral Linda Fagan, the head of the US Coast Guard, holds the distinction of being the first woman to lead any branch of the US Military. Her remarkable journey, leadership, and dedication served as an inspiration to the audience.
  • Lt General Loretta Elenor Reynolds - Shattering Barriers in the US Marines Lt General Loretta Elenor Reynolds, the third woman in history to achieve the rank of Lt General in the US Marines, shared her experiences and challenges on the path to success. Her resilience and determination resonated deeply with everyone present.
  • Colonel Nicole Malachowski - Taking women to new heights as a Thunderbird Pilot, Colonel Nicole Malachowski, the first female thunderbird pilot in the US Air Force, recounted her groundbreaking achievements and the obstacles she overcame to reach her goals. Her story of courage and perseverance left the audience in awe.

The event was preceded by refreshments in Memorial Hall with multiple exhibit spaces and the observation deck open for the guests to learn about the history of the Memorial. Immediately following the Panel discussions, the guests continued to the Grand Masonic Hall for a reception and fellowship with the prestigious panelists. The three of which enjoyed a private, abbreviated tour of the Memorial which left them in awe, astounded by the beauty and history of the Memorial. The symposium proved to be a powerful platform to celebrate the achievements of these exceptional women, inspiring others to break barriers in their own lives and strive for greatness.

Tech Upgrade: Integration of Barco Clickshare Interface

In a significant technological upgrade, we have recently integrated the Barco Clickshare interface. This innovative system utilizes 4 simple USB buttons, enabling plug and play, seamless casting of a device's screen and audio at 4k resolution to an 85” mobile TV. Moreover, participants can directly cast from their phones using the same interface. Cast up to four screens simultaneously to enhance convenience and productivity. This cutting-edge feature is ideal for various events, including conference meetings, presentations, and interactive workshops. The Barco Clickshare interface provides a versatile and efficient platform for presenters and participants alike.


The recent events at the Memorial Theater, featuring the Alexandria Harmonizers, Heavy Medal and the Capital Bank Military Symposium, were nothing short of extraordinary. The harmonious collaboration between the two choral groups mesmerized the audience, while the symposium celebrated the remarkable and historic moments in American history, leaving a lasting impact on all those who attended. Furthermore, with the integration of the Barco Clickshare interface, the Memorial has taken a step towards a future of advanced tools and resources for our rental clients. Our commitment to excellence and innovation continues to make the Memorial a vibrant hub for cultural events, celebrations of achievements, conferences, performances and any other event held on our historic grounds.