Order a Limited Edition Cornerstone Centennial Ashlar

April 19, 2024

Order a Limited Edition Cornerstone Centennial Ashlar

Celebrate the Memorial’s Cornerstone Centennial and receive a special ashlar made from the building’s original granite.

In 1923, thousands gathered at the Memorial to witness the dedication of its cornerstone. Now you can possess a portion of the Memorial’s original granite—the same material of which the cornerstone itself is made. Over the years, minor adjustments to the Memorial have required a small amount of the building's stone to be removed. Carefully crafted from this precious supply, the Cornerstone Centennial Ashlar can now adorn your lodge, office, or home.

A Limited Edition of Only 200

The Cornerstone Centennial Ashlar is a 2 ¼-inch cube of New Hampshire pink granite, cut from the original stone of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, set into an 8 ½-inch wide cherry-wood base. Because of the scarcity of this stone, only 200 of these Ashlars can be produced. You can obtain yours today for a gift of $500 or more. This contribution will be used to offset the expenses of the February 2023 centennial celebration.