How Your Lodge Can Help

In 1910, leaders of American Grand Lodges gathered in Alexandria, Virginia, and framed the vision of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. Since then, Masonic lodges and other groups have helped support the Memorial. From the beginning, the Memorial has received most of its support from Craft Freemasonry—including not just Grand Lodges but also thousands of individual lodges around the country and around the world.

Support Options

Donations provided to the Memorial are cumulative. Over time, a lodge’s contributions combine to reach successive levels of recognition as a Friend of the Memorial, and—after total donations reach $5,000—and as a Lodge Patron.

Friends of the Memorial

Hundreds of lodges nationwide currently participate in our Friends of the Memorial program, which accepts donations in any amount and frequency. Learn about this program and its recognition levels.

Lodge Patrons

The next level beyond the Society of Washington Lodges is to become a Patron Lodge. Patron status is reached when the lodge’s cumulative contributions to the Memorial (excluding tree dedications) surpasses $5,000. Lodges that are Patrons of the Memorial:

  • Alexandria-Washington Lodge № 22, Virginia
  • Pioneer Lodge № 70, New Jersey
  • Wm. R. Singleton-Hope-Lebanon Lodge № 7, District of Columbia
  • Humane Lodge № 21, New Hampshire
  • Riviera Lodge № 780, California
  • Altas Pythagoras Lodge № 10, New Jersey
  • Federal Lodge № 1, District of Columbia
  • Andrew Jackson Lodge № 120, Virginia
  • Federal Lodge № 1, District of Columbia
  • Philadelphia-Potter Lodge № 72, Pennsylvania
  • Hay Market Lodge № 313, Virginia
  • Trimble Lodge № 117, New Jersey
  • Warwick Lodge № 336, Virginia
  • Fellowship Lodge № 490, Michigan
  • [add your lodge here]

The Society of Washington Lodges

The Society of Washington Lodges is for regular Lodges (recognized by the Grand Lodges of the United States) who are committed to supporting the Memorial. There is a one-time donation of $2,500.00, which can be applied toward Patronage. There are numerous benefits available for member lodges.

Other Ways to Participate in the Memorial’s Mission

There are many additional ways that a Masonic lodge can promote the Memorial’s mission. One of the basic ways is to begin observing Washington’s Birthday as part of a February meeting. Using our provided ceremony, or one that your lodge creates, honoring Brother Washington and celebrating his virtues and character will enrich your lodge’s culture and fellowship.

We also believe that every lodge should display a portrait of Brother Washington, America’s foremost Freemason. Two excellent canvas prints, suitable for display, are available from our Gift Shop.

Other Organizations

Not only Masonic lodges, but many other types of organizations have helped support the Memorial’s work, including:

  • Businesses
  • Community Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Other organizations with a Masonic connection, such as Royal Arch, Cryptic Rite, Knights Templar, Scottish Rite, AMD, the Royal Order of Scotland, the Shrine, Eastern Star, etc.

Please contact Timothy Strawn, Director of Development, for more information: 703-786-5424 /, for more information.