Artist Kurt Anderson Captures the Memorial in a Painting

January 17, 2023

Artist Kurt Anderson Captures the Memorial in a Painting

New painting celebrates the Memorial’s cornerstone centennial.

Commissioned by the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association in order to celebrate the Memorial’s cornerstone centennial, this impressive work is now a part of the Memorial’s collections. A limited-edition canvas print has been created and is available for a contribution of $1,000 or more.

The beautiful new painting by local Alexandria artist Kurt Anderson depicts the fully-restored George Washington Masonic National Memorial on a sun-drenched and perfect day. Rising majestically from the verdant green of Shuters Hill to the clouded blue sky, the Memorial’s tower signifies the lofty respect that every Freemason feels for our Nation’s first president.

“I wanted to capture the Memorial’s monumentality,” said Anderson. “I like how the building appears in direct sunlight. It gives it a glow and the sensation of white marble. I painted portions of the building in shadow from the clouds. This provided needed variety and it allowed me to emphasize the top of the tower, which I left fully in sunlight. This accentuates the soaring quality of the tower.”

While the work was being executed, many patrons were able to see the work in progress. “Since my studio is at the Torpedo Factory Art Center,” Anderson told us, “the creation of the painting was carried out in a very public place and under the observation of the many visitors who came by. It was the subject of a lot of positive comments. I came to understand that the monument is a truly beloved landmark in this community.”

Obtain a Limited-Edition Canvas Print

To mark the Memorial’s cornerstone centennial, a limited edition of only 100 canvas prints of Kurt Anderson’s painting is now available. Each numbered print is 20 × 30 inches and suitable for framing. To obtain your canvas print, please make a donation of $1,000 or more at this link. All proceeds will go to offset the costs of the Memorial’s historic celebration of the cornerstone’s centennial.

About the Artist

Kurt Anderson’s studio is located in Alexandria’s famous Torpedo Factory Art Center. He received his primary artistic education with four years in the traditional atelier under Minneapolis artist Richard Lack. This makes him part of a master-pupil lineage that can be traced back to nineteenth-century masters such as Jacques Louis David. Anderson received his B.A. in studio art from the University of Arizona.