Grand Lodge of Idaho

July 01, 2023

Grand Lodge of Idaho

Grand Lodge of the Month for July 2023

Most Worshipful H. Sherman Burger III, Grand Master

In 1863, the Grand Lodge of Washington issued a charter for Lewiston Lodge № 10 at Lewiston in the territory of Idaho, but it expired after a few months. In the same year the Grand Lodge of Oregon issued a dispensation and, in 1864, a charter for Idaho Lodge № 34 at Bannock (Idaho City). The Grand Lodge of Oregon soon chartered more lodges as follows: Boise № 37 at Boise City in 1865, Placer № 38 at Placerville in 1865 and Owyhee in Silver City in 1866. The Grand Lodge of Washington Chartered Pioneer Lodge № 12 in Pioneerville in 1867. Five of these lodges, counting more than 185 members, met on September 1867 and formed the Grand lodge of the Territory of Idaho and installed Grand Officers. The State of Idaho entered the Union on July 3, 1890. The last Territorial Governor of Idaho and first Governor of Idaho, George L. Shoup (1836-1904), served as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge 1876-1878 and again in 1887.

Today, Grand Master H. Sherman Burger III presides over the Grand Lodge of Idaho comprised of about 45 lodges with a membership of around 3,000 brothers. Idaho Freemasonry has had such prominent members as Speaker of the Idaho House of Representative Francis M. Bristline (1896-1969), U.S. Senator Henry C. Dworshak (1894-1962), U.S Representative Burton L. French (1875 -1954) and numerous state governors.

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