The Memorial Association Officers

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association serves nearly two million Freemasons in the United States through fifty-two Grand Lodges, i.e., fifty states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. It was created in 1910.

A twenty-one member Board of Directors represents the fifty-two Grand Lodges with only Past Grand Masters being eligible for election. Each Board member serves a three-year term. The Board meets twice a year. The Officers of the Board oversee Memorial business when the Board is not in session. The day-to-day operations of the Memorial building and the Association are handled by a paid, professional staff located at the Memorial.


Elected February, 2014

President Donald G. Hicks, Jr.

First Vice President Ridgely H. Gilmour

Second Vice President Robert P. Conley

Third Vice President J.F. “Jeff” Webb

Executive Director George D. Seghers *

Board of Directors

Terms Expire February 22, 2015

Richard W. Aydelotte Delaware

  1. Brook Cunningham Arizona

Craig L. Davis Iowa

Benny L. Grisham Illinois

Donald G. Hicks, Jr. * Massachusetts

Lon W. Kvasager North Dakota

Gregory A. Riley, Sr. West Virginia

Terms Expire February 22, 2016

Robert P. Conley * Michigan

John V. Egan Colorado

Andrew U. Hammer * AW Lodge № 22

Stephen J. Ponzillo Maryland

Gail S. Turner Missouri

Claire V. Tusch Maine

Terms Expire February 22, 2017

Jarrod R. Adkisson Arkansas

Tracy L. Bloom Kansas

Charles H. “Chuck” Gilson South Dakota

Ridgely H. Gilmour * Utah

Gale H. Kenney Washington

Dale I. Goehrig Florida

Simon R. LaPlace Connecticut

Kenneth G. Nagel California

* Member of the Executive Committee

Members Emeritus

Frank R. Dunaway, Jr. Board of Directors Emeritus

Donald M. Robey Executive Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus